The Pacific region’s vulnerability to climate change is exacerbated by its small island states, low-lying islands, and coastal areas, which face various impacts such as rising sea levels, ocean acidification, and intensified natural disasters like cyclones and droughts. These effects lead to severe economic, social, and environmental consequences, including infrastructure damage, biodiversity loss, and community displacement. The rise in sea level alone affects about 97 percent of the population, threatening their livelihoods.

IFSD aims to address these complex multifaceted challenges by fostering sustainable development and climate resilience in the Pacific region. By cooperating with local stakeholders and facilitating collaborative learning, our goal is to identify context-specific solutions. We also aim to safeguard livelihoods, culture, and environment. In the Pacific we focus on water security, loss and damage, biodiversity and gender inclusion.

                                                                                                           Ongoing work is the region is in Vanuatu.