Who We Are

IFSD is an international research and development organization that provides expert advice to governments, international agencies, universities, community groups, and the private sector, aiming to foster resilient and inclusive development across Asia, the Pacific, and Africa. By collaborating with communities and stakeholders, we co-develop new tools, policies, and guidance to address complex challenges such as climate change, water and food insecurities, ecosystem degradation, inequality, poverty, and marginalisation. This involves merging scientific insights, practical experience, and local knowledge, and partnering with global and local entities. One of IFSD’s notable strengths lies in its systemic solutions, including pioneering co-production methods influencing governance reform and advancing gender-transformative approaches. Through nurturing change champions and fostering a transnational community of practice, IFSD creates lasting positive impacts in the pursuit of justice and sustainability.  

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to promote climate resilient and inclusive development in Asia, the Pacific, and Africa through collaborative research, policy analysis, capacity building, and innovation development.  

Our vision is to create and build climate resilient and inclusive societies.

Generate knowledge for positive impact and transformation

IFSD fosters innovation and knowledge to inspire transformative change for equitable prosperity and sustainable development. 

Goal 1

Nurture impact-oriented and transformative innovations

IFSD works on a range of niche opportunities in various localities and promotes these as living examples for policy learning and global change.

goal 2

Experiment, develop and promote solutions to socio-environmental problems

Many of the current socio-environmental problems – from water pollution to climate change – need experimental work on developing socio-technical and policy solutions. IFSD is committed to mobilising human and other resources to undertake experimental works with the aim to develop solutions that work in different contexts.

Goal 3

Transform capabilities of people and organisations

IFSD aims to catalyse positive and transformational change by sharing information, conducting training and courses, providing coaching and mentoring services to young people, and creating reflective and deliberative forums for cross-cultural learning and sharing.

goal 4

Theory Of Change

Our theory of change involves working simultaneously on building people’s skills (human capital) and institutional capacity (social capital) to effectively and sustainably manage environmental resources (natural capital).

We emphasize a process of learning and innovation to catalyse large scale upscaling and transformational change.

We work with partners across the government, the community, and businesses to mobilise resources needed for the development and promotion of innovations.

We maintain a balance between demand-led services and proactive engagement.

We work across scales, from local to global, while trying to maintain connectivity among processes across scales.

We harness practice-based reflections and deliberative processes across multiple actors as an engine for new knowledge and as sources of motivation for change.