Forests and Biodiversity 

As per 50 of the world’s leading biodiversity and climate experts; Biodiversity loss and climate change are both driven by human economic activities and mutually reinforce each other. Neither will be successfully resolved unless both are tackled together. The ecosystem, biodiversity, and forests are constantly deteriorating because of human activities such as deforestation, pollution, and climate change. The ecosystem, biodiversity, and forests are critical components of the Earth's natural system that help humans survive. As a result, it is vital to protect these resources using sustainable resource management practices. By conserving these resources, we can ensure a healthy planet for future generations while also protecting the critical role that these resources play in human survival.  

IFSD is committed to promoting and delivering realistic solutions for natural resource conservation and sustainable use. Our strategy entails working with stakeholders at many levels to create effective, long-term solutions that are based. This allows us to better understand the issues that various stakeholders encounter, allowing us to offer practical solutions that provide long-term advantages.