Promoting Transformation for Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 set the global vision for a sustainable and equitable change across the planet. Achieving these goals requires significantly charing current practices, policies, and cultures. Such deep changes are often interpreted as transformation.

IFSD contributes to transformation in support of SDGs through a number of initiatives at local, regional and global levels.

At local level, we are working with South Asian communities, research groups, and development organisations  to develop new models of sustainable community building and equitable development. We promote practice based and deliberative approach to development planning and governance.

At regional level, we work with development agencies to undertake strategic assessments of opportunities and challenges for advancing sustainable development practices.

Our global level work includes critical analysis of current theory and models of sustainability transition, exploring strategies for transformational change. One of the key aspects of this work includes building community of practice of critical and pragmatic intellectuals working with communities and governments.

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