Adapting Governance for Inclusive Climate Resilience (GovAdapt)

Period: September 2021 – June 2022 

Partner: Swedish university of Agricultural Sciences  

Climate change has now been accepted as a major crisis facing humanity and the planet. However, a lot of current responses are technical in nature, overlooking the politics and governance dimensions. Building on the recent critical social science literature and drawing on stories from practice, this two-part webinar series highlights the political nature of climate adaptation and resilience. The first dialogue aims to demonstrate that while adaptation is often seen as a technical quick fix, it really is a political process, and there is a need for re-politicization of adaptation. The second dialogue is about how we can achieve the re-politicization of adaptation, through creating space for dialogue, recognition of broader knowledge and transformational community resistance. Scholars, practitioners and policy actors who share the view that current climate resilience work needs to take account of the underlying politics will find these dialogues engaging. 

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