South East Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the regions in the world most susceptible to natural disasters, a condition which is only exacerbated by the impacts of climate change, with more intense and frequent floods, droughts, and storms. The region’s high population density, low-lying coastal areas, and reliance on natural resources for economic development heighten its vulnerability, leading to displacement, poverty, and hindered access to basic human rights like food and water.

IFSD aims to engage with diverse stakeholders across different levels in Southeast Asia. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, IFSD intends to foster cross-sectoral cooperation and relevant discourses to address these complex issues. By focusing on developing innovative, sustainable, and equitable solutions, we aim to promote climate resilience. In Southeast Asia we focus on water security, loss and damage, ecosystem restoration, and gender inclusion.

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Govt-Adapt Dialouge II

Govt-Adapt Dialouge II

Adapting Governance for Inclusive Climate Resilience Overview The Govt-Adapt Dialogue II on “Adapting Governance for Inclusive Climate...

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