Timor-Leste (Southeast Asia)  

IFSD is working in Timor-Leste to address the country’s unique climate change challenges and promote sustainable development. Timor-Leste, being a vulnerable nation with a fragile ecosystem and high dependence on agriculture, faces significant impacts from climate change, including increasing temperatures, changing rainfall patterns, and rising sea levels. This poses a significant threat to the livelihoods of the people in Timor-Leste. 

Ongoing work in Timor-Leste focuses on forest governance and tenure, ecosystem restoration, agro-biodiversity, food security, nature-based solutions, forest-based enterprises and Community-based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM). We have partnered with a national NGO, RAEBIA, Timor-Leste to explore opportunities for building the nation’s climate resilience. 


Hemant, Basu, Xisto