As the world becomes urbanized and climate impact gets worse, water insecurity is looming large around the world.

IFSD’s work on Water and Climate seeks to nurture and promote practices and institutions for enhancing water security in the contexts of population growth, rapid urbanization, climate change, and escalating social inequalities.

Services and activities

  • Strategic assessment of climate change risks to water security in the Asia and the Pacific region
  • Technical assistance to Southasia Institute of Advanced Studies (SIAS) in developing socio-technical solutions to water security in the urbanising areas of South Asia
  • Promotion of evidence-based advocacy for equitable access to water in the cities of South Asia at the time of COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Sharing of research findings to the Australian Water Association
  • Launching of Water and Development in South Asia – Policy Perspectives series in partnership with SIAS and ICCLEI – Local Government for Sustainability
  • Water Policy Lab initiative

Water and Climate Updates

The Second Water Policy Lab Forum Organised

After the successful launch of the first international WPL Forum in July 2021, IFSD partnered with Australia India Water Centre (AIWC), the World Water Policy Journal, University of Botswana, and Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)