The challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up all most all underlying assumptions of organizational strategies and practices. As economies are slowly recovering, development actions from local to national and regional levels need to rapidly adjust to the post-COVID scenarios. Besides, the climate change and other social and economic drivers are also exerting enormous pressures on organisations and programs to change and adjust rapidly to the changing context.   

In this context, organisational and program leaders are faced with the challenge of undertaking strategic review of the changing contexts with a view to update their mandates, priorities, and strategies. Recognising this need, IFSD has developed a highly strategic review service package which can be customised to any level, from a subnational organisation to the regional and global organisations.  

Our expertise. Our experts have delivered high quality and client focussed strategic assessments, utilising state of the art research and review methods, including the use of qualitative and quantitative tools. Most recent works include the assessment of COVID-19 impact on food security, migration and development.