1.   Policy Analysis and Design

It’s been over three decades since governments and international development partners have seriously

began to see policy analysis, formulation and evaluation as a key area of innovation and development.


Yet the policy work seems to be either too technical or overly politicised. Also, there remains a huge gap between the ways policy makers harness knowledge and how researchers think policy reports should be crafted.  IFSD has developed, tested and refined an interactive, research based, iterative and problem-focussed, and learning oriented policy analysis and development assistance package that can suit the needs of a wide variety of organisations, governments, and companies.



2.   Actionable Knowledge and Research

From water management to school education and nutritional campaigns, development problems do not have ready-made solutions that work in every community, culture and contexts. Development and innovation requires action learning and a robust system of knowledge management. IFSD experts have spent their life in explore action learning systems and formulating tools and strategies of knowledge management to support every level of decision making in organisations. Our experts can formulate your action learning journey regardless of whether you have already started or or planning to begin soon. Our services also enable you to establish metrics of change that are important to demonstrate accountability in relation to the investment of funds.


3.   Monitoring & Evaluation

From a small park renovation to a multi-country disaster risk reduction work, every project needs clearly defined logic that resonates well the underlying context. Program design should guide the movement from current situation to the desired one. IFSD team has worked with numerous governments and intentional development agencies to design programs, formulate and implement monitoring and evaluation, and provide feedback to decision makers.



4.   Strategy, Review, and Advice

The context of your organisation’s work is shifting rapidly, due to technological, environmental, political and economic drivers of change. Too often organisational and program leader are faced with the challenge of undertaking strategic review of the changing contexts with a view to update their mandates, priorities, and strategies. IFSD experts have delivered high quality and client focussed strategic assessments, utilising state of the art research and review methods, including the use of qualitative and quantitative tools.



5.   Gender and Social Inclusion

Despite three decades of gender equality initiatives, glaring inequality exist between men and women: women earn less than men, women are underrepresented in senior positions, men tend to have control over household property, and girls are likely to receive less educational investment. Much of gender mainstreaming and women empowerment work have met with only limited success, as efforts are not informed by deeper analysis of the barriers to change and opportunities.



6.   Demand-led Partnership

Globally, local communities manage nearly one third of the common pool natural resources. However, they are facing unprecedent challenges with regard to market, regulations, and technology management. IFSD experts have the reputation of designing, implementing, facilitating, monitoring and evaluation community based natural resources management systems around the Global South.