The challengeThe production and circulation of generic and ‘academic’ knowledge has not been as helpful as expected in solving development challenges. People suffering the problem and decision makers concerned with the situation need actionable knowledge and decision relevant research. Much of the research and knowledge production work still targets global audience and ignore local decision makers concerned with problems. Decision makers are in need of actionable knowledge and applied research produced through close collaboration with them. Much hailed participatory research and technology development work has also left gaps practice based knowledge generation.  

Our expertise. IFSD experts have over 30 years of experience in exploring and designing action learning systems for a variety of development organisations, from government, funding agencies, and local NGOs. We also have developed a set of tools and strategies to ensure learning in and through action and specific contexts of culture and decision making.  

We are currently engaged in a number of research activities in partnership with Universities, international research institutes, governments, and local communities.

Role of local government in responding to COVID-19

Dr Hemant Ojha, Principal Advisor of IFSD presented his research titled Power without Capacity? Understanding Local Government Responses to COVID-19 in Nepal at the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) conference on 27 March , 2021. Other

Transboundary water governance in South Asia and the Himalayas

In partnership with CSIRO, ICIMOD, UNSW, and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Dr. Hemant Ojha is conducting research on how the science-policy interface can facilitate transboundary water cooperation in South Asia and the Himalayan region.

Climate change and political transition in Nepal and Kenya

In partnership with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Norwegian University of Life sciences, IFSD researcher Dr. Ojha is investigating how climate change impacts water management practices in the Nepal Himalayas, including conflicts and

Water security and climate change in South Asia

We are providing technical assistance to Southasia Institute for Advanced Studies to conduct research on how city-level planning can be improved for climate-resilient and equitable water access in the cities of Nepal and India. Dr.