The challenge. Public policy is what government do, and government decisions and actions are vital to solve every development problem, from climate change and to hunger and poverty. But what should government exactly do on so many public policy issues related to sustainable development? This requires integrating expert advice, citizen voice, and political vision. Numerous developing countries are politically committed to work on development challenges but lack capability to design and deliver policy solutions.  

Too often, policies are either crafted through pure bureaucratic knowledge or political posturing. Sometimes policies are also driven unilaterally by scientists without incorporating community and indigenous knowledge. Yet the policy work seems to be either too technical or overly politicised. Also, there remains a huge gap between the ways policy makers harness knowledge and how experts think policy reports should be crafted. In almost every development policy and practice, there exists an opportunity to harness plurality of knowledges, community voice, and political debates in a constructive way. Even in fragile societies and countries with insufficient democratic space, policies related to development can be improved significantly without confronting larger political system.  

Our expertise. IFSD team includes policy advisors with extensive practical experience on policy analysis, advice, engagement and in some cases advocacy of values such as justice and sustainability. We bring cutting edge research and practical and context-specific insights and expertise to understand policy challenges through and present solutions. We have finest expertise on undertaking policy analysis in an interactive way with decision makers and implementation leaders.