Dr Jagadish Timsina

Co-Director of Research and Principal Consultant (Agriculture)

Dr Timsina is a globally respected agricultural scientist specialising on agronomy, soil management and agroecosystems sustainability.

He has a wide range of experiences in Australia and a number of countries in Asia. He has worked with some of the world’s most respected agriculture research institutes such as IRRI and was involved in collaborative activities with several others, including ILRI, CIP, and ICRISAT, and World Agroforestry Centre.

He acted as a Consultant at International Maize and Wheat Research Centre (CIMMYT) in Bangladesh. He has led a number of research projects on crop modelling, soil and plant nutrients, food security, and sustainable agricultural intensification, to name a few.

He has served as a senior research fellow at the University of Melbourne and continues to be associated with the University as an honorary Principal Research Fellow.

He also holds an Adjunct Professor position with Agriculture and Forestry University in Nepal. He has published over 140 scientific papers and sits in the editorial boards of Agricultural Systems, Agronomy Journal, Global Journal of Agriculture and Allied Sciences, EC Nutrition, and Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

He has also worked with CSIRO and ACIAR in Australia on various projects related to agriculture, water and nutrient management. With extensive field works experiences in Australia, The Philippines, Nepal, India, and Bangladesh, Dr Timisna brings an applied, problem-solving and community-driven research and innovation expertise critical to achieve Sustainable Development Goals on reducing hunger and terrestrial sustainability.

Last but not least, he is an active academics contributing to higher and vocational education sectors in Australia. Click here to download DR Timsina’s CV

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