Why iAcademy?

IFSD Academy (iAcademy) is a dynamic and flexible learning centre that helps you to achieve. your learning goals, either through inside or customised advisory support to connect you to the best providers of learning services.

iAcademy can assist individual learners to achieve learning goals, from defining specific learning outcomes to achieving those outcomes through the use of the best available resources. It also assists education and learning providers with expert advice on developing professional, vocational, and tertiary teaching and learning systems.

Trainings and Workshops

Currently we have the following professional trainings on offer:

  • Scientific writing for professionals (1-3 weeks)
  • Writing policy reports (1-3 weeks)
  • Digital leadership (1-2 week)
  • Digital teaching and learning systems (2-3 weeks)
  • Graduate dissertation writing (1-3 weeks)
  • Blog writing (1 week)
  • Doing participatory action research (4-6 weeks)
  • Pre-PhD courses (customisable)

Pre-PhD Course for those looking for PhD by Prior Publications

Do you have a good record of scientific publication but no PhD yet? Are you looking for help in finding a shorter and smarter way to obtain a PhD by capitalising on your prior research and publications? Do you think spending 4-5 years for a conventional PhD is not worth it at this stage in your career?

If your answer is yes to these questions, then this course is for you!

This course will enable you to become better prepared for the PhD by prior publication at a university of your choice. Remember this PhD option is not available at every university, but we will help you identify those universities that match your interests. More than that, we will guide you through the process of better preparing and presenting yourself to this new and emerging approach to getting a PhD.

If you have a good record of research experience and publication, then you deserve the academic recognition that a doctoral degree brings!

To know about this course, please click here.

Latest Activities

  • Conducted scientific writing workshops for mid-career professionals, providing conceptual, methodological and practical tips to produce global quality scientific papers based on existing research
  • Co-organised public webinars on the impact of COVID-19 on education sector and strategies for digital teaching and learning (see a powerpoint presentation made by IFSD professional).