“Water, water, everywhere but not a drop to drink” – is a commonly reported narrative of people living in the Pacific. The approximately 10,000 small Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs)  – i.e. Oceania, exclusive of Australia and the large islands of New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Hawaii –  are home to about two million residents. Despite significant linguistic, cultural, and societal differences, these peoples share a set of common challenges related to their vital freshwater resources: small land area, limited groundwater and aquifer capacities, and high dependence on rainfall (Allen 2020).  


Dr Hemant Ojha of IFSD and Prof Nick Schofield who is a recent CEO of Australian Water Patnership have conducted a review of water resources management in the Pacific Island countries and Territories. The review was supported by Australian Water Partnership, and one of the outputs from the review is being considered for publication by UNESCO and Springer.