IFSD’s Principal Advisor Dr Hemant Ojha and Nepal representative Dr Mani Banjade jointly presented a paper to a virtual Roundtable held on 9 November 2020 organised by Institute for Global Development (IGD) of University of New South Wales. The title of the Roundtable was ‘Reimagining Development: How do Practice-Based Approaches Shape the Localisation of Development?’.

The first part of Dr Ojha and Dr Banjade’s paper identified and explored five blockages to knowledge production and application in international development. These are: (1) self-defensive development management; (2) disengaged research; (3) policy technocracy; (4) romantic valorisation of the community and group action; and (e) acting technically while claiming to be political. The second part of the paper focused on the lessons that can be gleaned from deliberative practice and action research-based strategies in Nepal. They argued for the need to integrate a deliberative dimension into policy formation so that the development practices do not miss the merits of contextual and value-based engagement in development. Please click IGD website for a brief report.