Initially many of us thought that COVID-19 is just a usual type of virus that will come and go. But this expectation has proved totally wrong.

The virus has become the largest blow to human society after WWII. While health is the first domain affected by the Pandemic, economic and social impacts are going to be even more devastating.

Recovery from the Pandemic is not about going back to the old situation but to a new normal which we still don’t know.


How the developing and emerging economies in Asia build back their economies determines the security, peace, and prosperity in the region and globally. Rebuilding after the Pandemic must also consider climate change – we cannot tackle the multi-hazard crisis by acting in silos. As a small contribution towards strengthening recovery, IFSD has launched a Community of Practice Initiatives (CPI) to targeting young, emerging, and early career professionals. The four streams of CPI include Health security, food security, water security, and climate security.

Please see the IFSD Community of Practice Internship Framework for more details and how to apply.