On 6 September 2020, IFSD Australia and Southasia Institute of Advanced Studies (SIAS) organised an online workshop to share urban water management lessons and experiences between the professionals of the two countries.

A total of 60 participants took part in the active learning process in which water management experts from Australia delivered presentations.

Over a 30 municipality Mayors, engineers, urban water managers, and community leaders from Nepal attended the forum.

Dr Madhusudan Pudasaini and Mr Dhruba Subedi from Sydney presented their Australian experiences, while Dr Basundhara Bhattarai of IFSD co-hosted the program with Dr Dil Khatri, Kamal Devkota and Kaustuv Neupane of SIAS.

The sharing event has stimulated new thinking and offered new insights to local governments and professional groups in Nepal to better plan and manage rapidly growing cities of Nepal, while ensuring water security and sanitation services. More about the program will be made available soon.