This editorial, co-authored by IFSD’s senior advisor Dr Jagadish Timsina, highlights key messages from a selection of carefully chosen articles about soil and its role in agriculture in Volume 187 of the journal Agricultural Systems. The published articles touch on areas such as soil biodiversity, soil health, restoration and more, backed by evidence-based research and data-driven analysis.

In light of FAO’s World Soil Day 2020, the editorial paper stresses the importance of soil in driving long-term solutions for sustainable agricultural systems. It presents a holistic view on the factors that affect soil and how this knowledge can be used to improve farming practices.


The editorial notes that the published articles broadly align with “drivers of soil biodiversity loss” or “benefits of soil biodiversity” sub-themes of World Soil Day, while also resonating with the focus of Agricultural Systems on interactions within and between agricultural systems.


For those of you not that familiar with Agricultural Systems – it publishes articles on a wide range of aspects of soils in relation to agricultural production: from soil carbon, to soil biodiversity, to aspects of soil health and to key social drivers that determine adoption of soil restoration interventions