More than 80% of global agriculture is rainfed. In India’s 67% of 143 million hectares of net cultivated area is rainfed, with over  90% of grains and pulses being produced under the fate of the rainfall. There is still limited research on existing agricultural practices affect soil nutrients management, soil moisture retention and overall sustainability cropping systems under moisture-stressed conditions.


Dr Jagadish Timsina and his co-authors have published a paper based on a recent research in India.  This  paper reports the results conducted to  determine  the  influence  of  nine  cropping  systems  with conservation agricultural practices on the water and nutrient uptake and balance,  energy  relations,  and  resource-use  efficiencies  under  a  no-till semi-arid environment of India.

Results indicate need for ensuring optimal balance between retention of crop residues and energy inputs for the long-term soil health and sustainability of cropping systems.

Click here for the full paper published in Global Journal of Agriculture and Allied Sciences.