Who we are


IFSD specialises in linking research, policy and practice for innovation across various sectors of development. We are recognised for our expertise in applied research, policy analysis, strategy development, program planning, monitoring and evaluation, and innovation management.

With its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, IFSD has a large network of experts internationally to assist you to achieve your sustainable development goals. In a short span of IFSD’s organisational life, we have been able to serve a wide range of clients in Australia and abroad.

We are also building collaboration with a range of organisations with targeted organisations in the USA, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, and Africa.

Our values

Our work is guided by the following core values:


  • Social impact with equity and fairness
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Respect for socio-cultural diversity
  • Respecting human rights
  • Legal compliance, integrity and professionalism
  • Client orientation
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Bringing novelty

Mission and goals

Our mission is develop and promote transformative solutions to social and environmental problems.


Our four strategic gaols include:


Goal 1

Generate knowledge for positive impact and transformation: IFSD aims to develop ideas, knowledge and technologies that can lead to equitable prosperity and sustainable development everywhere.

Goal 2:

Transform capabilities of people and organisations: IFSD aims to catalyse positive and transformational change by sharing information, conducting trainings and courses, providing coaching and mentoring services to young people, and creating reflective and deliberative forums for cross-cultural learning and sharing.

Goal 3

Nurture impact-oriented and transformative innovations: IFSD works on a range of niche opportunities in various localities and promote these as living examples for policy learning and global change.

Goal 4

Develop and promote solutions to social and environmental problems.
IFSD exists to demonstrate and promote innovative ways to link research, policy, management decisions, and practices in tackling sustainable development challenges. IFSD’s work focuses on a key gap: we all are flooded with knowledge, yet continue to struggle in making good decisions and crafting policies well.


In order to be able to solve sustainable development problems, researchers focus on producing knowledge. Partitioners argue direct action is the best way. We believe that knowledge production and action cannot be separated. Just recall what Kurt Lewin said: you cannot understand the system unless you try to change it. I would add: you cannot change the system unless you try to understand it. IFSD believes that innovation occurs only when are able to blend processes of research, learning and action.


IFSD aims to catalyse new thinking and innovative practice in development, economic management, environmental conservation, and education for the benefit of human communities and the natural environment. We embrace fairness, inclusion and equity as our core philosophy guiding every action and initiative.

Our theory of change


Our theory of change involves working simultaneously on building people’s skills (human capital) and institutional capacity (social capital) to effectively and sustainably mange environmental resources (natural capital). We emphasize a process of learning and innovation to catalyse large scale upscaling and transformational change.