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1. Current Research

We are currently engaged in a number of research activities in partnership with Universities, international research institutes, governments, and local communities.

2. Water security and climate change in South Asia:

We are providing technical assistance to Southasia Institute for Advanced Studies to conduct a research on how city level planning can be improved for climate resilient and equitable water access in the cities of Nepal and India. Dr Hemant Ojha and Dr Basundhara Bhattarai are contributing to the project as co-investigators. Dr Oha’s work focusses on analysing scince-policy-practice interface in urban water planning and governance. Dr Bhattarai is looking at how water access and resilience building efforts are gendered in South Asian cities, and how gender justice can be achieved in urban water management. This research involves partnership with University of New South Wales and University of Sydney in Australia, while Tata Institute of Social Science and Center for Ecology and Development and Research (CEDAR) contribute to the research in India.


3. Climate change and political transition in Nepal and Kenya

In partnership with Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Norwegian University of Lifescieces, IFSD researcher Dr Ojha is investigating how climate change impact water management practices in the Nepal Himalayas, including conflicts and cooperation around water management. He also contributes to comparative research between Nepal and Kenya.


4. Water basin management in South Asia

5. Transboundary water governance in the Himalayas and South Asia