Advisory Support for PhD by Publication

Do you have at least 3 scientific publications but no PhD yet? A number of universities around the developed couturiers have started a program that could be of interest to you: PhD by Prior Publication. What this means is that you could submit your publications as part of the PhD requirement, and if your work are considered appropriate, you will be eligible for a PhD.

Career Advice

With over 5 million international students moving to other countries for studies every year, advisory services on education for international students have become crucial. SD World (IFSD’s parent company) has developed a dedicated career blog and advisory portal called CareerPlan. This portal is useful to prospective international students, educational agents, University marketing departments, and colleges trying to offer information to prospective international students.

Education System Development Assistance

We also provide higher education system development services in Asia drawing on the strengths of Australian education systems, policies and practices.These include: academic journal management, e-library development, teacher training and exposure visits, college strategic planning, curriculum development, internship and work integrated learning, academic writing, research mentoring and supervision, and quality systems management.