Himalayan Field School on Environment, Culture and Society (HeemSchool)

Why this School? The Himalayan Field School on Environment, Culture and Society (HeemSchool) is designed to provide a unique practice-oriented, culturally diverse, and intellectually stimulating learning experience on environment and the society in the Himalayas. Facilitated by a team of well-recognised professionals, community leaders and researchers, the HeemSchool will enable participants to understand and engage with a wide range of Himalayan issues and realities. Himalayas is an open university for people from around the world to learn how people and communities are living with climate change, disaster risks, political transitions, institutional transformations, building resilience and at the same time suffering vulnerability and social exclusion. The HeemSchool will expose you to the exceptionally rich local history of people can culture and take you through the diverse range of innovations that have helped communities to live with the change in such difficult mountainous environment.

Participants: HeemSchool is targeted at international participants from around the world with interests in understanding people, communities, institutions and the environment, not yet fully modernised and urbanised (or at least in the way Western societies have been). Fresh graduates or final year undergrad students are particularly welcome – this can be a life changing or career defining event for you!

Philosophy: The HeemSchool is based on the philosophy of blending practice, local engagement, observations, and reflections for stimulating learning and widening mental outlooks to understand and appreciate social and ecological dynamics. The School features active engagement with diverse cultures, interacting with local communities and indigenous peoples, and team based observations and reflections, facilitated by experienced practitioners-cum-trainers. The philosophy and design of the HeemSchool has emerged out of the passion of its co-founders who grew up and worked in the Himalayas, with longstanding engagement in research, training, and community development in the region.

Activities: Key HeemSchool activities include: guided field excursions, interactive workshops with local communities, participation in local cultural events, participation in agriculture and community forestry activities, placement with local organisations, and information sessions from local leaders and activists. Through such a range of activities, the School provides participants with an excellent opportunity to understand cultural, social and environmental underpinnings of the history and the future of the Himalayan communities.

Where? The course will be held in Nepal (Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Kavre and Sindhu districts).

When? The course will be held on 5-25 November 2018, and international participants are expected arrive Kathmandu on 20 November  2018.

Costs: Participants will pay a modest course fee to cover learning support services and to arrange field level logistics. They will arrange to pay for their international travel and Kathmandu accommodation. Please refer to the brochure or send us your questions by filling the inquiry form given below.

How to apply? Please send your applications containing the following details: Name, Institution Name, Country, Why you want to attend the course, and what assistance you need to be able to participate in the course. Please email your application to: info@ifsd.com.au

Deadline: Deadline for the submission of application: 30 Septmber  2018.

More information: You can download e-brochure from this link. If you have further questions about the course, please do not hesitate to send us your question by completing the form given below. If you want to discuss any aspect of the course, then feel free to directly email Dr Basundhara Bhattarai, Coordinator of the HeemSchool Program at basu.bhattarai@ifsd.com.au We look forward to meeting you in the course!

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I look forward to seeing you in this exciting HeemSchool in Nepal in June 2018!

I am excited to be part of the coordinating team of the HeemSchool. HeemSchool combines field excursions, interactive observations, and participation in the local culture and social life in some of the exciting locations in the mountains of Nepal. The School is more than a learning session  – it offers flexible and holistic life time-experience combining analytic, spiritual, socio-cultural, and natural domains of human experience in the world’s majestic mountains and extraordinarily resilient communities. Please join us and we will have a memorable experience together! Basundhara Bhattarai, PhD Coordinator of the the HeemSchool

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The course is financed through the fees paid by the participants and contributions made by local governments and civil society organization’s in Nepal. Half of the savings will be channeled to support the community development works supporting the disadvantaged women and girls residing in the HeemSchool field areas. The reminder of the savings will be used to improve the School learning infrastructures for future participants. Thank you for your contribution and support!