Consultive Services

Whether you are looking for developing a business plan or helping marginalised communities to embark on small scale enterprise development works, IFSD has the expertise to help you analyse the challenges and opportunities and formulate strategic and operational planing for you so your organisation can achieve your goals.

Clients from diverse sectors and areas have benefitted from our services:

  • A development professional who worked for NGOs for the past 15 years launched his own business in his areas of expertise with our strategic planning assistance.


  • A research NGO in Nepal received technical assistance in developing programs in disaster risk management.


  • An engineering firm in Australia received strategic planning support from SD World and has doubled its revenue in the past few months.


  • A Digital marketing company in Sydney has received excellent customer response after IFSD provided technical assistance in presenting marketing materials through the internet.


Everyday, our professionals are engaged in providing coaching and mentoring a number of social entrepreneurs, researchers, business executives in Australia and overseas, and most of these services are offered free as part of the wider social commitment of IFSD.



Current Consulting Services Portfolio


  • Organisational Change Management and Trasnformation: IFSD has a service package to assist educational organisations and small and medium size organisations to change their organisational culture, management practices, and business strategies. Currently we have the capacity to offer this service in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, China, Indonesia, Nepal, South Korea, and Vietnam.


  • Program planning and development: We can offer you competitive services in developing programs and projects to suit your goals in public, non-profit and for-profit sectors.


  • Customised research and assessment services: Our capacity is limited to interdisciplinary research around environment, sustainability and international development.


  • Gender analysis and strategy development in rural development, industrial workplaces, public sector, and non-profit domains.